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The 20 Percent Rule for Decluttering Your Home

Keep only what you love, and get rid of everything else. Easier said than done when it comes to decluttering your house. Instead of trying, and failing, to rid yourself of stuff in one sitting, use this rule from Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365.

Do you take one look at a cluttered space and find yourself too paralyzed and overwhelmed to even start decluttering your home? Even professional organizers can’t remove 100% of any mess in one sitting. It’s time to start being gentle with yourself and your cleaning goals.

When you don’t get rid of something, and then wish you had, it sets you up for organization success.

In the above video, from her ADDitude webinar titled “Everything in Its Place: The ADHD Guide to Better Organization,” Lisa Woodruff, explains how to start small to get more done.

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