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Dear ADHD Family Coach

ADHD family guru Leslie Josel, of Order Out of Chaos, will answer questions from ADDitude readers about everything from oppositional meltdowns to disaster-zone bedrooms and from mastering to-do lists to communicating better with your spouse. Submit your questions below!

“He loses his homework assignments before they come home.”
“We fight about all the household responsibilities.”
“The piles of paper are multiplying.”
“She takes forever to get the door every morning.”

You have problems. And ADHD Family Coach Leslie Josel has solutions. Submit your question to our visiting family coach below. ADDitude will notify you by email if your question is selected and answered.

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Updated on August 27, 2019

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  1. I want to organize my college assignments better, but my teachers often assign things only a week in advance, and I have trouble accurately judging how long assignments will take. What should I do?

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