Your ADHD Education Guide: ADHD in High School

Expert answers on making the transition to high school, developing age-appropriate accommodations, and giving your child the life skills she’ll need to succeed.

Managing ADHD symptoms in high school.
Dear ADDitude: Part 10
Our readers ask: How can I help my child adapt to the challenges of high school?



Question 1:

“Our daughter absolutely doesn’t want the school to know about the ADHD as she fears that her peers will find out. Ultimately, we will do what we think is best for her, but we’d like to get her on board with our decision. How can we convince her that it is in her best interest to tell the school?” Read the answer.


Question 2:

“Now that my son is in 7th grade, his IEP needs to shift from behavior to academic and organizational skills. (For example, he struggles to listen and take good notes simultaneously.) What skill-building goals should I work into his 8th-grade IEP?Read the answer.


Question 3:

“At home, my son repeats things back to me so I know we’re on the same page. He does homework in 15-minute increments to build up his time awareness, too. At school, these things aren’t happening. I’m beyond frustrated and worried that he will graduate without essential life skills.” Read the answer.


Question 4:

“We’d like my son’s 504 Plan to include a stipulation that his most difficult core classes be scheduled for the morning, when he’s most alert. The high school is dragging its feet, and his grades are suffering. Is this a reasonable accommodation?” Read the answer.


Question 5:

“My son, a senior in high school, recently stopped taking his ADHD medications. As a result, his grades have crashed from As to Ds and he’s suffering from debilitating depression. I think an emergency intervention is needed, but the school is acting indifferent and his IEP case manager is offering no support.” Read the answer.


Question 6:

“What is the best way to request additional time for standardized tests like the SAT or ACT for a high school student with ADHD?” Read the answer.