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Q: “I Need Craft Room Organization Ideas That Keep Supplies in Sight!”

From magnet boards to rolling carts — here are 9 ways to create a calm and inspiring crafting space that keeps your supplies organized but also visible and in reach.

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How moms with ADHD can organize back to school transportation, supplies, lunches, and everything else

Q: “How do I organize a craft room without forgetting about supplies tucked away in drawers or boxes? What are the best tips for someone who needs to see it all? Anything to avoid?” — JoInUK

Hi JoInUK:

An organized craft room is essential for bringing your creative ideas to life. However, having everything out on display can make you feel overwhelmed and cost you money and time. Here are some of my favorite organizing tips, which make your supplies visible and help you to feel calm and inspired.

1. Start by creating a central command station to store the bulk of your craft supplies. This space should house items you access daily. (Additional supplies or items used less frequently can be stored in a nearby closet.) A natural and easy choice for a central command station is open and accessible tall shelving, such as bookcases or cubbies. These can be customized and labeled to suit your crafting storage needs.

2. If you prefer to display your supplies and have ample shelf or table space, invest in display rack stands. These are perfect for holding thread, paint, glitter, etc.

3. Peg boards are your best friend when you have abundant wall space. They can hold grab-and-go items such as scissors, tape measures, etc. They come in fun colors and provide space for the smallest supplies. You can even hang small buckets and bins filled with markers, pencils, and brushes.

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4. If your closet has available space, hang up clear shoe bags and tuck supplies and materials in the individual pockets. The list and uses for hanging shoe racks are endless.

5. Door-mounted racks on the inside of closets or cabinet doors also maximize storage space. This will free up counter or table space and make your supplies more visible.

6. A rolling cart with ample shelves and storage space is a real game changer because it adds instant, additional organization to any craft room. I use rolling carts to organize supplies for a specific project. Just roll it up to your table when working and then tuck it out of site when not in use.

7. If you have deep shelves, use organizers with drawers that stack on top of each other. I like these as there’s no need to unstack containers to get to the ones on the bottom. Here’s a tip within a tip: Labels are your best friend! Make sure to clearly label each container. This will act as a visual reminder of what’s inside.

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8. Fabric can easily turn into a jumbled mess, so consider designating one space for it. I love the idea of using clear file folders tucked inside a file cabinet and storing the fabric by color or pattern.

9. A magnet board with corresponding “spice tins” is perfect for storing items that are easily lost or hard to find like beads, buttons, and sewing needles.

Please remember that a system is only as good as its maintenance. So, if you use any of these systems, make sure to clean them out regularly to prevent them from becoming unwieldy. A good rule of thumb is to do a clean sweep after completing a project.

Good Luck and happy crafting!

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