Convincing My Husband That ADHD Exists

Taking ADD medication helps me get organized at home. My husband doesn’t believe there is such a thing as ADHD, and thinks I should stop taking the medication because it might hurt my health. How do I balance his needs with my own?

Clasped hands of man and woman with ADHD at desk
Clasped hands of man and woman with ADHD at desk

You, not your husband, should decide what goes into your body. He may not understand attention deficit disorder (ADHD), but you do — and you know that medication reduces your symptoms.

Reassure him that common ADD medications, like methylphenidate (Ritalin), have been around since the 1930s. The side effects are well known and, according to many doctors, after years of research, less harmful than those of aspirin.

Family Disagrees with Diagnosis

Remind your husband that there is a side effect to not taking medication — unrelieved ADHD symptoms that interfere with your life. Help educate your husband about your condition by buying him a copy of Driven to Distraction, by Ned Hallowell. You should also have him meet with your doctor, who can talk with him about living with untreated ADHD.

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