Cold Case: An ADHD Tip

Why I leave my keys in the refrigerator — on purpose!

I love Jane D’s ADHD in the City blog. She reminds me of that other writer in the city, but she’s more real.

Last week she made a comment about leaving her keys in the refrigerator. I do that all the time — but on purpose.

I used to swing by the grocery store at lunch and put the cold stuff in the refrigerator at work. Invariably, I’d forget to bring it home. So I started putting my car keys on top of it. That made it really hard to leave without stopping by the refrigerator to pick up the food. Now I do this at home whenever I need to remember to bring something cold to where I’m going.

When I first started doing this, I’d always look around frantically for a while before I remembered what I had done with the keys. It takes some getting used to, but it works.

It also takes some coworker training to get them to stop finding the keys and “rescuing” them for you.