Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Adult ADHD

How therapists can help ADHD adults with time management, organization, and project management.

By Mary V. Solanto, Ph.D. (The Guilford Press)

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Dr. Solanto has created a structured, 12-session group therapy program to help therapists work with ADHD adults on time management, organization, and project management. In-group learning is strengthened by individual homework. The program, which can be adapted for one-on-one therapy, balances an acknowledgement of the effort required to change old habits, while expecting clients to push themselves for something better.

In addition to teaching daily life-management skills, Solanto addresses the psychological defense mechanisms that adults with ADHD use to feel better in the short-term, even though they stall their progress in the program. By addressing these
psychological barriers, the life skills “stick.”

Solanto provides seven deceptively simple mantras that capture the essence of the strategies in the book, so they are easier to remember in the heat of the moment. My two favorites are, “If it’s not in the planner, it doesn’t exist” and “If you’re having trouble getting started, then the first step is too big.” Even as an experienced clinician, I found the book peppered with insightful, clever tidbits that shifted my understanding of ADHD and how I work with these clients. We need more books like this!