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10 Daily Rituals to Tame Clutter and Reduce Stress

Ignoring housework can feel blissful when you’re down in the dumps. But out-of-control clutter will soon lead to overwhelm. Reduce your stress with these daily tips.

10 Clutter Solutions That Reduce Stress

For adults with attention deficit disorder (ADHD), housework is the first thing to slide when you are feeling overwhelmed.

You’re too busy, upset, or rushed to tidy up. So the clutter mounts. And that only makes a bad mood worse.

Outer order can bring inner calm. So try 10 clutter solutions every day to keep your house and mind balanced:

  1. Make your bed.
  2. Put your dirty clothes in the hamper.
  3. Hang up your bath towel.
  4. Keep magazines and books where they belong.
  5. Shut all drawers, cabinet doors, and closets.
  6. Pick up the mail, sort it, recycle junk mail, and put important mail in its proper place.
  7. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or the sink.
  8. Deal with your recycling.
  9. Keep a bag handy for things you want to give away. Drop it at a thrift store whenever it is full.
  10. Hang up your coat.

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