Packing Up ADHD Clutter

When inspiration struck, I flew into cleanup mode right away. But as it turns out, packing up clutter with ADHD is anything but straightforward.

Kitchen organizing tips for cluttered kitchen sink and counter in an ADHD house
Kitchen organizing tips for cluttered kitchen sink and counter in an ADHD house

A few weeks ago, I had a great ADHD-fueled idea: I’d clean out both of my sewing rooms. I also decided that I’d get some picture frames at the thrift store and hang up a bunch of stuff that was sitting on the floor and bedroom dresser — by packing up this clutter, I could “make space” to put more things away.

These were great ideas, but they are still in progress. When I started cleaning, I realized that there were other rooms that needed cleaning, like our two boys’ bedrooms. I had the boys go through their toys, thinning out the herd. We had to pull everything out in order to get everything back in.

We are also renovating our daughter’s room. You can imagine what our house looks like right now: a total clutter bomb.

I made two classic ADHD blunders: starting too many projects at once and not having boxes on hand to pack up the clutter.

I have a master’s degree in library science — a degree in organizing things — and I forgot boxes. Tonight, I will finally pick some up. I cannot wait to throw the stuff into boxes, fit them in my car, then avoid dropping them off until I realize, one day, that I have to stick the kids in the car to go somewhere. Ah, that will be grand.

The end result, though, will be a house free of clutter. I can flog myself over the “how” if I want to, but I won’t. Next time I’ll try to get the boxes first, and maybe I’ll have a plan. But tonight I’ll put the stuff in the car and enjoy all that reclaimed space.