Clutter 9-1-1

“My living room is beyond rescue. The clutter has built up for months, and I don’t know where to start.” Expert advice for decluttering and organizing a home that’s gotten out of control.

Have a friend, coach, or professional organizer who understands ADHD and clutter help you get started and offer support as you make progress. All of us need to know we are not alone in our struggles!

The first step in any organization campaign is to purge. We all have too much stuff, so be prepared to part with things that you don’t use. Start slow: Set aside 15 minutes a day to go through one pile, bag, or stack of clutter. Use a laundry basket to collect items that belong in different rooms and shuttle them to their appropriate places.

It’s important to sort and categorize items as you determine where they should be kept. It’s only when we get all our shoes in one place that we realize we don’t need four pairs of sandals! If you find that you have a lot of “giveaways,” donate them to a charity that picks up a wide range of items — books, clothes, kitchen items, and furniture.