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What helped these folks with ADHD clean up their act and get organized? Let’s find out.

Spring Cleaning Garbage Bags
Spring Cleaning Garbage Bags

Desk Apprentice Rotating Desk Organizer

Reviewed by Shelley, an adult with ADHD
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Messy Situation: When paying bills and filing paperwork at home, I had to search for everything I needed — stamps, pens, even the bills themselves. I dreaded paperwork because it took so long to get started.

Fast Fix: The Desk Apprentice keeps all of my essential items close by. I keep my planner in it, along with a file for bills due, printer paper, mailing supplies, notepads, and all of the pens, pencils, highlighters, and permanent markers I could possibly need. It’s easy to put things away in their designated files when I’m done. I want to get a Desk Apprentice for work, too.

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Large Stacking Drawers

Reviewed by Donna, mom of a 7-year-old child with ADHD
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Messy Situation: My son plays several sports, all of which require different equipment. After practice or a game, Mike used to leave his gear strewn around the house. We always had trouble finding the uniform and anything else he needed on game day.

Fast Fix: We dedicated each drawer of the unit to an activity and labeled it: soccer, T-ball, martial arts, swimming. Because the containers are see-through, a quick look will tell me whether or not my son has put away the items for each activity, as I’ve asked. Bonus: The drawers are big enough to hold everything for each activity.

The Sports-Gear Blues: This other product is billed as a fun and practical solution to storing sports equipment, but will it really do the trick? A professional organizer takes the road test.

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Reviewed by Debbie, adult with ADHD
Purchase at drugstores and grocery stores

Messy Situation: I kept my cleaning supplies in the basement, so when I had a small job in another area of the house, I’d have to run down the steps, find the appropriate cleaning products and rags, and run back up. I’d often get sidetracked and overwhelmed.

Fast Fix: The Magic Eraser is easy to store, so I put one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and one in the laundry room. When I need to clean something, I just grab the Magic Eraser from a cabinet, wet it, and clean. The Magic Eraser removes soap scum, kitchen spills, and baked-on food inside the microwave. When I’m done, I rinse the Eraser and put it away. It’s a time and sanity saver — a cleaning system I can stick with!

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