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“I Think With My Feelings and See With My Heart:” A Child’s-Eye View of ADHD

“I need you to know. I want to explain. I have a very different brain.”

In this illuminating video, 7-year-old Giuliana Margolis invites you to take her hand and walk through a day of ADHD challenges at home, on the playground, and in the classroom. From impulsivity to distractibility to extreme emotions, “Take My Hand” offers a child’s-eye view of typical attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) symptoms — all explained via a touching poem by Andrea Chesterman-Smith.

“Its hard to explain, but I need you to know, I can’t help letting my feelings show.” Feelings of anger, jealousy, sadness, and frustration can easily overwhelm children with ADHD. Spend a few minutes walking in Giuliana’s shoes, and you’ll see that although her brain is different from yours, ADHD doesn’t (and shouldn’t) define her.

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