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Child’s Meds Stopped Working Well

“My son has been taking a stimulant for several years now, but recently it is no longer working as well. My son is going through puberty. Could that be affecting the medication?”

If you observe that the medication is not helping your son, you need to explore two issues. First, is your son’s ADHD diagnosis correct? Has there been evidence of hyperactivity, inattention, and/or impulsivity for most of your son’s life that is present all day in any situation?

Second, if the diagnosis is correct, is he taking the right medication and the proper dosage? Establishing the right dose should be based on feedback from teachers and parents. Most children continue to need the same medication and dosage after puberty as they did before it. If you feel that the doctor is not monitoring the medication properly, consult a pediatrician who works with children with ADHD.


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