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“Changing My ADHD Ways”

To prove that I’m not the world’s worst listener, I avoid surfing the net and force myself to press the cell phone hard against the ear.

woman adult adhd
woman adult adhd

Today at the writing powwow, the instructor once again makes a jab at me, and asks me if it would help if he wrote me a reminder about getting in the next assignment, as if deadlines didn’t exist in the ADHD world. Ever since I’ve exposed myself, I feel all the more vulnerable to his comments. I am more than a student in the class, I am an ADDer. OK, so maybe I’m being a little overly sensitive, but I’m annoyed. I’m not the only one late to class.

Last night, the sister calls in crisis mode; she hates the new job, she hates the coworkers, she hates sitting in the corner. Despite having a shitty day, I feel a need to prove to her that I’m not the worst listener in the world, so I force myself to press the cell phone hard against my ear and listen to every word. I avoid surfing the net as she whines and whines. I try to sound extra sympathetic. ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘that’s terrible,’ and ‘why don’t you see how it goes.’ In the past, she’s complained that I just don’t listen, so I do everything in my ability to prove her wrong.