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“Chained to My Desk”

I need to find a new job for the ADHD me. How can I sit in a cubicle and write for a business magazine when I can’t figure out the tip for the waitress?

At work, in cubicle land, I find myself struggling with getting things done. With the nemesis gone, there is twice the work to do, harder and tighter deadlines. I am the first one at work everyday. I am there before the secretary, before the coffee pot gets going, before the newspapers are laid out, and I am the last to leave. I am chained to my desk in silence and can’t really chit chat because if I do so, I can’t get anything done. I wear earplugs because I am allergic to noise.

To the casual observer, I am the typical Asian lady, a worker bee with her nose stuck in work, work, work, but I am anything but that. I would love to play, love to waltz around and make small talk. I’d love to shoot the breeze, but I can’t multi-task so I settle with a one-track mind. There are things about ADHD that are wonderful too though, like a colorful mind.

The sister reminds me that I so need to find a new gig. How can I sit in a cubicle and write for a business magazine when I can’t even figure out the tip for the taxi driver or the waitress?

I need to do something where I’m churning out ideas like the elves during Christmas crunch. Where can I find a gig like that? I wonder. In truth I wish I could just spend the day shopping, having afternoon tea at the Plaza, and pack my iPod with iTune songs. I want to be a professional slug. =)

Updated on October 9, 2017

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