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Can You Have Only Some ADHD Symptoms?

“Can you have SOME of the symptoms of ADHD and still be diagnosed with the condition, even in adulthood?”

There are three behaviors found with ADHD. Some will have one; some two; some all three.

One ADHD symptom is hyperactivity. This is usually seen in adults by fidgety, restless behaviors.

The second is inattention. This is experienced by either auditory distractibility, visual distractibility, and/or internal distractibility.

The third is impulsivity, problem waiting before speaking or doing certain behaviors.

If you have one or more of these AND they have been present for most of your life AND they exist in two or more areas of your life (work, home, social), you might have ADHD. If you think so, see a professional who is familiar with Adult ADHD.

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