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Do Kids Outgrow ADHD?

Even 10 years ago, the studies and experts both said Yes — ADHD symptoms wane with adolescence and fade in adulthood. Today, the research is quite different. Mark Bertin, M.D., explains, in this video.

Can you grow out of ADHD? Not long ago, parents and practitioners would have answered simply: “Yes.”

ADHD was considered a childhood condition, and the symptoms described in the DSM-V – the bible of psychiatric diagnosis – still reflect that, capturing only signs commonly seen in children ages 6-12. It was common practice to stop treatment when hyperactivity declined after primary school.

Today, the research is quite different. The American Academy of Family Physicians reports that two-thirds of children with ADHD continue to have symptoms through adulthood.

In the video, from his ADDitude webinar titled “ADHD Plus: Diagnosing and Treating Comorbid Conditions in Children,” Dr. Mark Bertin explains different perspectives on outgrowing ADHD, and approaches to treatment.

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