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Is He Ready? Summer Camp Checklist

How can you be sure your ADHD child is ready for overnight camp? Here are some tips from the experts.

  • Make sure your child’s medication is properly titrated. A stay at camp isn’t the time to be adjusting medication or trying new behavioral plans.
  • If your child moves easily into different activities-birthday parties, outings to the park-he’ll most likely adapt to camp.
  • Be honest about how your child manages challenging or frustrating situations. Is aggression a problem?
  • If his overnight visits to grandma’s or a friend’s house usually bring a late-night phone call home, he may not be ready for camp.
  • Age is not always a factor in how he will handle camp. A seven-year-old may be ready, while a 12-year-old might not be.
  • Ask the camp director if children like yours have had successful experiences.
  • Above all, trust your gut.