Guest Blogs

“Cabin Fever in the Cubicle”

I’ve become a bit panicky at work, having nightmares that I`ll be saddled with double the workload. Like maybe I should job-jump again.

The nemesis at work quit and is going to greener pastures. I’m happy that he won’t be in my face anymore, but sad that in life, reality so often means that the politically savvy get ahead.

Moreover, I am starting to have nightmares that the nemesis won’t be replaced, and I will be saddled with double the workload-then my ADHD self will be totally exposed. Since the announcement, I’ve become a bit panicky, like maybe I should job-jump again. The itch has been amplifying, so tempting to find something else. I feel myself getting a bit bored and antsy, cabin fever in the cubicle. The resume already looks like a checkerboard, a tapestry without any pattern. It’s the ADD me again.

On the same end of things, the love life drags, with the mystery man as on and off as an annoying nasal drip. The doctor/swimmer man has disappeared, choosing, perhaps, to focus more on his training for the English channel than any sort of female friendship.

However, the ADHD self has been helpful in this scenario, in that I’ve become somewhat bored of them, anyway. Boredom can soften the blow to what could lead to a smashed heart.