Money & Budgets

“I’m Finally Saving Money, Thanks To…”

Adults with ADHD share their best money-saving, budgeting, and financial-planning advice.

Credit Cards and Debt
Credit Cards and Debt

Get Organized — You’ll Save Money!

Simplifying our home! We used to go out and re-purchase things that we ‘lost’ in our overcrowded closets.”
-Deena, Texas

Planning a menu each week. No more ‘what’s for supper’ and ‘let’s go out to eat tonight.'”
-Becky Honey, Arkansas

Opening an account on It’s free! The website gives me a weekly financial summary of my checking account, loan payments, and a snapshot (great for us visual learners) of my net worth.”
-Maureen Spollen, New York

Follow the Lead of a Financially-Savvy Role Model

Marriage has turned me into a saver. I have been banking money ever since my wedding day, thanks to my husband!”
-Debbie, New York

Graduating from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University turned things around for my husband and me.”
-Rebecca, Pennsylvania

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My fiance shadows me and questions my potential impulsive purchases. He’s a nag, but I love him.”
-Jodie Wolansky, Arkansas

Learn the Consequences of Debt

The TV show Til Debt Do U$ Part helped a lot. It offers great ideas, and it is good to see that others are worse off than I am.”
-Valerie, Ontario

Joining Debtors Anonymous. Their tips are valuable, as is the advice from their counselors. I know how to avoid money problems.”
-Trinity, New York

Find New Ways to Spend Less Money — Here’s 13 Strategies to Try

1.TheGroceryGame website. I buy almost every grocery item on sale.”
-G.W., Texas

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2.I do chores rather than pay someone else to do them. I save $200 a month by washing and ironing my husband’s pants and shirts for work. I save $400 a month by cutting back on housecleaning.”
-Tracie, Rhode Island

3, 4, & 5.I use only cash to purchase things. I’ve also cut back on shopping and going to the movies. Instead, I go to the library to read books for free.”
-Marilyn, Illinois

6, 7, & 8.Cutting up credit cards, cooking at home, joining Netflix.”
-Renate, Colorado

9.Craigslist! I furnished our vacation home entirely with items I bought on CL.”
-An ADDitude Reader

10 & 11.I shop online a lot. I look for coupon codes, and I don’t order anything unless the shipping is free. I also use Upromise, which returns a percentage of my purchase into an account for our children’s college fund.”
-An ADDitude Reader

12.I wrote the word ‘think’ on my credit card in permanent ink.”
-Linda, Pennsylvania

13.I stopped gambling. No more Lotto or visits to the casino.”
-An ADDitude Reader