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Students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) may have more trouble with traditional book report school assignments than their non-ADD peers. Here are seven creative projects to test how well they understand a book.

A painting can be a good alternative book report
A painting can be a good alternative book report

How can you draw on the interests and strengths of all students in the classroom? By allowing those with ADHD to choose from a menu of projects related to a book they have read.

Let ADD/ADHD Students Act Out the Book:

Act out a phone conversation between two or more characters in the book.

Perform an original song related to the story.

Be a TV interviewer, and audio- or videotape an interview with a character in the book.

Play a prosecuting attorney. Put one of the characters on trial for a crime. Prepare your case, giving your arguments and supporting them with facts.

Let Them Draw, Design, or Write Out Scenes from the Book

Draw a map or diagram of the story’s setting.

Design a poster advertising the book.

Create a book with pictures or symbols on one side and a list of important events or a summary on the other.

Create a picture postcard of the setting. On the back, write to a friend as if you were the main character in the book, and describe the setting and events happening there.

Make a T-shirt for your main character that represents attributes of the character’s personality.

Write a letter to a friend, telling her or him about the most exciting parts of the book.

Develop a new ending or a sequel.

Write a letter to the main character, suggesting what might have happened if he had acted differently.

Design a book jacket.

Let Them Make Puzzles, Games, and Scrapbooks

Create a literary scrapbook about a character in the book, pictures, award certificates, and report cards.

Build a board game based on the book.

Present memory basket, with items representing events or themes in the story.

A crossword puzzle using words and characters from the story.

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Adapted with permission from and How to Reach & Teach Children with ADD/ADHD, Second Edition, copyright 2005, and The ADD/ADHD Checklist, Second Edition, copyright 2008, by Sandra F. Rief.

Updated on November 2, 2019

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