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Book Review: Money Munchkids Activity Book 1

A fun, engaging way to teach young kids with ADHD financial literacy and money management.

Make It, Count It, Keep It

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; $10.99

The author, Victoria May Khaze, developed the Money Munchkid$ program — which consists of a course taught in public schools, books, and home kits — back in 2013. Khaze’s mission is to teach children about basic financial principles so they can meet challenges later in life.

This book, the first in a series, use mazes, word searches, drawings, and short stories to teach basic lessons about financial responsibility: This is what a bank does. This is how checks work (the book provides play checks). This is how to use a bank book (there is a play bank book). It also helps kids brainstorm ways to make money.

People with ADHD have trouble managing money. Personal finance is daunting for someone with a limited attention span and little impulse control. This book introduces concepts like saving and spending and balances and debits. Learning these concepts at a young age will help kids be financially responsible as they move into the teen years.

[Money Basics for Teens]

My seven-year-old picked up the book on his own and started reading it. When I asked if he wanted to study it in homeschool, he gave me a quick yes. The games and puzzles break up the text, and engage students in learning about money without even realizing that they are learning. My child loves this — and, likely, so will yours.