High School

Block Scheduling for Classes

“My son, who has ADHD, has a chance to go to a high school offering block scheduling, and I have heard that this is preferable. Can you tell me if research is available to back this claim and where I may find it, since I will need to make my case in order to have my son attend this school on a waiver?”

I have not seen any research on the block vs. traditional scheduling for students with ADHD and have done a search for this.

Some of my own clients who benefit from having fewer things to focus on and immerse themselves in a topic have benefited from the longer block schedule. Others maintain they like the short brief chunks of traditional.

It truly makes a difference in what the teachers do during the block. If it is a one-hour class then the rest just study hall — which some teachers do! — well, forget it! If anyone has seen this research, please send it to me and I will gladly share.

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