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The Best Workout Apps for Your ADHD Brain & Body

What are the best workout apps for finding online classes, tracking fitness and activity, and personalized coaching? Try out these ADHD-tested favorites recommended by ADDitude readers in the summer of 2020.

close up young asian man holding smartphone and choose list of music player for listening after finish exercise at gym, healthy lifestyle concept
close up young asian man holding smartphone and choose list of music player for listening after finish exercise at gym, healthy lifestyle concept

Workout Apps and Activity Trackers

These apps and web sites were recommended by ADDitude readers in an August 2020 survey on surviving the pandemic with an ADHD brain. Add your favorites in the Comments section below!

Activity Tracking Apps and Wearables

  • Fitbit: Wearable activity tracker and companion app that motivates users to get moving and allows them to track sleep, calories, exercise, and more
  • Garmin: A selection of wearable smart devices and companion apps that track your physical exertion, heart rate, and overall health
  • Strava: Track your runs, bike rides, and swims and share them with your friends and neighbors via this app
  • My Fitness Pal: A free app that calculates calories burned from various exercises based on your personal profile
  • NikeRun: Use this free app with your Apple Watch, iPhone, or Android device to track your runs and share stats, listen to customized playlists, and go on guided runs
  • Samsung Health: This free app analyzes your daily activities and habits to create a balanced lifestyle pattern
  • Google Fit: This free app uses “heart points,” coaching, and activity journaling to help users reach fitness goals
  • StepBet: “Bet” on yourself to meet personalized step goals, and win money if you do

Online Fitness Classes

  • Peloton: Used in conjunction with a Peloton bike or treadmill, this app delivers workouts streamed online and on-demand with a free trial
  • cure.fit: This Android app and subscription service unlocks online workout classes and telehealth, including therapy and primary care, at different prices depending on the service
  • Body Barre: Purchase a day pass or monthly membership to access a library of virtual barre workout classes
  • Tracy Anderson Method: “Elite fitness classes” available online and on-demand with a free trial offer

Personal Training Apps and Resources

  • Fitness Blender: Join FB Plus for $80 a year to access workout videos and custom workouts for every fitness level. A free membership offers a smaller selection of workout videos, as well as daily progress tracking and community support
  • Yoga with Adrienne: Free weekly yoga videos and wellness resources available for free on YouTube
  • Couch to 10k: Download this free app to access a program designed to help exercise beginners train to run a 10k road race
  • FabYOUlous: Purchase a customized online fitness program for $99 a year or sign up for a variety of virtual classes
  • GMB Fitness: Online training programs designed to build mobility, core strength, motor control, and more. This program is targeted toward middle-aged men and offers free tutorials as well as a free trial week

Online Fitness Community

  • Blogilates: Touted as the “#1 female fitness channel on YouTube with over 500 million video views and 4 million subscribers,” this community for women offers pilates-based workouts, fitness challenges, recipes, and more
  • Apptiv: Purchase access to hundreds of audio-based fitness workouts ranging from running to strength training to yoga and beyond
  • Nerd Fitness: For $100 a year, access workout plans, fitness guidance, nutrition training, recipes, and online coaching geared to normal people making healthy changes

More Great Apps for ADHD Brains

NOTEPlease note that all names, models, prices, links, and specifications were accurate and items were in stock at the time of this article’s last update on January 31, 2022.

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