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Best Web Resources for Getting Organized

Learn web organization tips for adults with ADD.

Get plugged into the web and find resources
Get plugged into the web and find resources

1. Find products and pointers.

This entertaining blog (unclutterer.com) is filled with organizational suggestions and gadget discoveries from those who, like you, need to tidy up their lives. While the ideas are innovative and useful, it’s the humor and underlying message, “Hey, we’re not perfect, just human,” that helps the medicine go down.

2. Download your clutter.

If you need to get things out of your head or risk forgetting them forever, log on to jott.com. E-mail Jott, or call toll-free (866-JOTT-123), and its voice-recognition software will transcribe your reminder into text. Jott then e-mails the message, or texts you on your phone (or someone else’s), at the time of your choice.

3. Hassle yourself.

Forgot to pay the phone bill on time? Need to call your mother? Hassleme.co.uk nags you into doing it. Type in what you need to be hassled about and how often, and hassleme sends you (and others you want to keep in the loop) an e-mail or an IM reminder.

4. Keep it in the family.

Cozi.com is tailor-made for busy moms with too much on their to-do list. The online family calendar, with color-coding options, allows you to maintain your entire family’s schedule, send urgent messages to kids and spouse, create and download a grocery list to your phone or PDA, and journal memorable moments.

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