Best Web Resources for ADHD Women

Recommended web sites for women and girls with attention deficit disorder.

Woman on smarphone checking out recommended sites for women and girls
Woman on smarphone checking out recommended sites for women and girls

Plug In

The support community for women with ADHD, offers information, resources, forums, and email-based support groups. Bonus: The site allows women to connect with others who have similar demographics – Christian women, for instance, college students, seniors, even Australian women with ADD, if you’re from Down Under.

Listen Up

If you’re looking for an expert who has walked a mile in your shoes, Sari Solden, author of Women with Attention Deficit Disorder, is the one. Her new site,, offers tips and wisdom about living productively with ADHD. The site hosts video and audio events, a blog, and teleclasses, and also provides a community of women around the world with which to bond. Full membership: $19.99/month.

Learn A Lot

The nonprofit National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD is a lifesaver for women who have been recently diagnosed with ADD or who suspect they have it. The site,, promotes awareness, advocacy, and research on ADHD in women and girls, who are grossly underserved by the medical community. The site offers a directory of practitioners who work with women in managing their ADD.

Bond with Moms

If your son or daughter has ADD, you have a lot share, vent over, and talk about. has become a popular vehicle for doing that. Sponsored by McNeil Pediatrics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, the site features a board of moms leading discussions about the challenges and delights of raising a child with ADD.

Updated on March 27, 2018

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