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Laid-Back Apps for Better Sleep and Stress Relief

Chill out, unwind, and keep up with these useful apps that encourage relaxation and better zzz’s.

A young woman relaxing on a lakefront bench, well-rested thanks to the best sleep apps
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Sleep Cycle

(iOS and Android, free)

Many adults with ADHD have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. Sleep Cycle monitors your movements in bed, through your iPhone, and determines the best time to wake you up. During sleep, you go through light, deep, and REM phases. To feel refreshed and rested, it is best to wake during a light phase. The app will wake you at the optimal time, with the music or sound that you choose. Once you set the alarm, place your iPhone under a fitted sheet in the corner nearest your head. Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep patterns in graph form and measures your total sleep time. Users can input their pre-bedtime activities to monitor their impact on their sleep.

White Noise

(iOS and Android, $1.99)

Ambient sounds help a lot of people with ADHD relax or get to sleep by blocking out a snoring husband or whirring police car sirens. White Noise lets you select over 40 ambient sounds that cause your brain to produce calming alpha waves. The menu includes the old standbys (Ocean, Streams, and Rain Storms) and some unusual sounds, like Tibetan Singing Bowl and Cat Purring. Those with ADHD who chill out best with manmade sounds can choose Clothes Dryer, Fan, Vacuum, or Washer. You can create new sounds by changing the pitch. White Noise has a digital clock, in multiple colors, that you can dim.

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