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31 ADHD (Re)Solutions: Transform Your Life in 2022

Do-away with impractical New Year’s resolutions and instead try implementing some of these super-practical solutions for simplifying your ADHD life, straight from other ADDitude readers.

Click on each image below for more support and resources corresponding to each day’s (re)solution, and download the complementary (Re)Solutions calendar here. Check back each day for a tip!

Day One: Small gestures can help maintain important relationships.


Day Two: Paper calendars provide a tactile receptacle for our thoughts and priorities.

Day Three: Sometimes, ADHD brains need to hack traditional to-do lists.

Day Four: Put your life on airplane mode for a while.

Day Five: Make it easy and simple to weed out clutter.

Day Six: What if you could wish all of your friends a happy birthday at once?

Day Seven: Overwhelmed with clutter? Get yourself a big, beautiful basket.

Day Eight: Know your triggers — and harness them for good.

Day Nine: The more you automate tasks, the more bandwidth you activate for the important stuff.

Day Ten: In Bed + Feeling Tired + A Calm Mind = Sleep.

Day Eleven: There is no shame in declining a request that doesn’t serve your best interests.

Day Twelve: Try a ’10-minute tidy up’ right after work — before switching your brain to Quitting Time mode.

Day Thirteen: Don’t fight your brain’s auditory learning preferences and needs!

Day Fourteen: Waze is usually right; use it to plan your departure time, but maybe add a buffer.

Day Fifteen: When thoughts arrive like butterflies, put them in a jar to admire and set free later.

Day Sixteen: Social isolation ends one phone call at a time.

Day Seventeen: Stop treating each piece of paper in your home as something lifeless. Instead, see each as an action to take.

Day Eighteen: Busy family with picky eaters? Try these fast and healthy meal ideas tonight.

Day Nineteen: Have you tried finding a “body double?”

Day Twenty: There’s something so satisfying about crumpling up a completed Post-It reminder.

Day Twenty-One: Use smart home devices to set reminders for household tasks, departure times, and deadlines.

Day Twenty-Two: Change your mindset about what an organized home should look like.

Day Twenty-Three: ‘Deadline’ sounds ominous. It doesn’t have to be.

Day Twenty-Four: Organize your kitchen in a way that encourages fun, hassle-free meal preparation.

Day Twenty-Five: Remember, there are people who get you!

Day Twenty-Six: A smart watch is one powerful tool.

Day Twenty-Seven: Think small, change big (messes).

Day Twenty-Eight: Visually simplify your life and family members’ messes.

Day Twenty-Nine: Write it down. Repeat. And maybe just once more for good measure.

Day Thirty: Is there anything more gratifying than crossing out to-do items? OK, yes, but it still feels nice.

Day Thirty-One: Who would like to go for a walk?

Best New Year’s Resolutions for ADHD: