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7 Questions That Reveal Your Ideal Career

The best job for someone with ADHD is one that accentuates your strengths and feeds your passions. Answer the questions in this video to find occupations that fit.

While there’s certainly no one-size-fits all approach for finding the best careers for ADHD adults, these questions will help you think clearly about your career choices.

Answer them to get clear on your skills and preferences, where you fit best in the organization, and under what circumstances you feel most comfortable and motivated.

7 Questions That Reveal the Best Careers for ADHD

What’s the best job for a person with ADHD? One that accentuates your strengths, feeds your passions, and makes you happy.

Answer these questions from Edward Hallowell, M.D. to navigate toward a profession that fits you best.

1. What do you do best?

Spend the majority of your workday doing what you do best – not trying to improve your weaknesses.

2. What do you like most?

The trick is finding a way to incorporate your favorite activities — creating art, helping others, solving problems — into your career.

3. What do you wish you were better at?

In these areas, you need to delegate tasks or get training from an ADHD coach to improve.

4. What do others say are your greatest strengths?

Friends, coworkers, and performance reviews may be more accurate than your own perceptions at identifying skills.

5. What do you most dislike doing?

If you hate it – even if you’re good at it – you’ll likely procrastinate.

Delegating or hiring extra help can improve productivity and decrease stress.

6. What sort of environment works best/worst for you?

Do you love to work with highly organized, analytic types or freewheeling creative minds? Do you need an office for peace and quiet? Do you abhor red tape?

Company culture can bring out your best — or grumpiest.

7. What were you doing when you were happiest at work?

Perhaps you enjoyed the excitement of sales, but became restless when promoted to management. Or you shined when training others, or when managing complex daily schedules.

Can you steer your career in these directions again?

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