When Alarm Clocks Fly: The Tools to Get You Out of Bed

Your child is not a morning person, we get it. So try these ADHD-friendly alarm clocks — with options like peaceful ocean waves and even wings — to save your sanity and stop the nagging.

Person with ADHD sleeping in bed with alarm clock near by

Mornings are often challenging in an ADHD household, beginning with the task of getting out of bed. Whether a child hits the snooze button repeatedly, or, somehow, manages to ignore the buzzer, parents may find themselves acting as human alarm clocks day after day. ADDitude wanted to help end that pattern, so we searched for the best alarm clocks for kids. See what our readers have to say about the top four.

SB300 Sonic Boom Vibrating Alarm Clock (#CommissionsEarned)

Sonic Alert;; $49.95

Key Features The Sonic Boom (#1) has a large-number time display and an extra-loud alarm. The kicker is the vibrating attachment that slips under your mattress and shakes you awake.

The Reviewers Christy and Phillip (age 13) Warren, Goose Creek, South Carolina

Waking Up Is Hard to Do… We’ve tried countless clocks, and none have worked. I end up waking Phillip, but it takes time. As soon as I turn around, he lies back down and falls back to sleep. I feel like I have to blast him out of bed!

Alarm Clock Lowdown I didn’t tell Phillip about the bed-shaking attachment, so he was really surprised by that the first day. It was great, like a one-two punch. He said, “The alarm is pretty loud, but it’s better than hearing my Mom fussing at me to wake up.”

Best for: Heavy sleepers

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Peaceful Progression Wakeup Clock (#CommissionsEarned)


Key Features This clock (#3) allows you to choose sounds like ocean waves or a thunderstorm, as well as an aromatherapy scent. Thirty minutes before wakeup, the scent is released, and the light and the sound gradually get brighter and louder.

The Reviewers Karen and Kelsey (age 14) Peterson, Abingdon, Virginia

Waking Up Is Hard to Do… Kelsey likes to “snooze” in bed, so her dad and I “helicopter in” and wake her several times before her feet finally hit the ground. But we’d like her to take on more responsibility as she enters high school.

Alarm Clock Lowdown The progressively brighter light was a nice feature, and I think it will be even more helpful during the darker winter months. Kelsey likes choosing the scent and said that using the clock “made me look forward to waking up.” I hope this feature will work for a long time!

Best for: Gradual wakers

Clocky (#CommissionsEarned)


Key Features Clocky (#4) rolls off your nightstand and drives around your room, forcing you to chase it down to silence the alarm.

The Reviewers Keila Pernia and Emily Granda (age nine), Cliffside Park, New Jersey

Waking Up Is Hard to Do… Getting Emily out of bed is a struggle. I typically start yelling as I step into the shower, yell a bit more from the shower, then go pull the sheets off her on the way back to my room. By the time I finally get into my car, I feel like I’ve already been working for three hours.

Alarm Clock Lowdown Emily loved Clocky (she calls it by its name) and it got her up on the first try. As soon as Clocky started rolling away, she got out of bed, chased it around and was alert and ready to start her day. Another feature we both appreciated was the actual alarm. First, it sounded like birds, then like bells. Much better than an annoying buzzer.

Best for: Chronic snoozers

What alarm clocks work best for you and your family?

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