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“My Favorite ADHD App Is…”

Need some help organizing your ADHD life? From finances to groceries to getting your child to do her chores, these readers tell us all about their favorite apps for keeping their lives in order.

A stack of devices that adults with ADHD can use to download time management apps.
A stack of devices that adults with ADHD can use to download time management apps.

ADDitude asked readers to share the best apps for ADHD and keeping life in order. Here’s what they said!

My bank’s app, which allows me to pay bills online. -Angela, Oregon

I have several favorite ADHD apps: QuickBooks, Day-Timer, the alarm clock on my smartphone, and agreeing with my husband on getting to bed at a set time. -Ann, North Carolina

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I struggle with finances, and my husband and I fight about them a lot. My favorite app is YNAB. It has stopped me from making a lot of impulse purchases. -Jennifer, Washington

My favorite app is a good old-fashioned notebook. Writing chores down and crossing them off my list appeals to me. -Keri, Massachusetts

Waze – a great traffic app that helps me get to work and other places on time. -Christy, Massachusetts

My favorite apps are Routines, Evernote, and OneNote. -Carrie, Oregon

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Nag for Android works for me. -Susanne, Washington

I love Out of Milk for organizing grocery lists. You can scan in and categorize your household inventory, and then set up specific lists for each place you shop. -Jennifer, Pennsylvania

I use Mint for finances, OmniFocus for reminders, and Fitbit for sleep. -Jenny, Illinois

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To schedule things and create task lists, I use Calendar (it comes with Samsung phones). -Krista, Canada

We use CalenGoo for our family’s calendars, and I use Opus Domini as a virtual day planner. It reminds me of my old Franklin Covey day planner. My husband uses BrainWave for sleep. It helps his ADHD brain slow down, so he can get to sleep, and stay asleep. -Lori, Pennsylvania

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  1. I have found a wonderful App that can be used on IPhone or your computer. The website is:

    and it delivers a special sound therapy that you listen to with headphones. It is marketed as ADHD for Adults.
    I have used it a few days and already feel a huge improvement in focus and self-esteem.

    There is a free sample for session 1 …to buy all 3 parts, it is only $9.99.

    I am absolutely blown away by this product! I’d love to hear others response to something that is so far
    LIFE CHANGING for me! Linda

  2. I use Medisafe to help me and my 7yr old remember to take our meds on time. Works better than my phone alarm because it keeps making a pill-shaking sound every 10 minutes until I finally take my meds.

  3. I use the Cozi app — family calendar, my calendar, multiple shopping/packing lists (supermarket, hardware store, cycling event, etc.), and multiple To-Do lists (personal tasks, Scouts planning, family activity ideas, etc.).

    Helps me keep track of all different facets of my life, and because it’s multi-platform, it’s on my phone, my tablet, my home and work computers, and online, plus I can also import as a web calendar so I can see events no matter which calendar app I’m using.

    It syncs across all users, so me/my spouse/my kid can all input grocery items, to-do’s, calendar entries, etc. and we’ll all see them.

    The PC and online versions even have a ‘meals’ section where you can pull up recipes if you’re stuck on what to make for dinner (and you can have a ‘recipe box’ as well).

    I would definitely more organizationally challenged if I didn’t have this all-in-one app.

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