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Get Unstuck Now: Adults with ADHD Share Their Procrastination Fixes

ADDitude asked: What are your best strategies for beating procrastination? Here are some of our favorite reader answers.

A depiction of cutting out the time you spend procrastinating.

“Stay off of Facebook and personal e-mail during the workday. Make a to-do list, and cross off items as they are completed.”
—Walter Kloepfer, Homer, Alaska

“I try to remember that today is yesterday’s tomorrow.”
—David, Montreal

“Feet first, feelings follow. I don’t wait until I feel like doing something, or until I am in the right mood, because that might never happen. So I jump in and start the project. Nine times out of 10, I find that, once I get started, I feel like continuing.”
—Leslie Pressnell, Lakewood, Ohio

“Make short lists of ‘musts.’ Take care of the most important things first, then take on other items. I give myself permission to do at least one ‘tolerable,’ ‘fun,’ or ‘worthwhile’ item each day, even if it’s not on the ‘must’ list.”
—Susan Hsu, Gainesville, Florida

“I need uninterrupted time to work, so I schedule at least one day a week with no appointments (especially if I am working at home). I allow myself one trip to let the dogs out, get the mail, or eat.”
—Nancy, Salt Lake City, Utah

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“Make it exciting, no matter what it is. Boring and dull are killers. Play music and dance around! Do a portion of one project, then break off and do a little of another until they’re both done.”
—An ADDitude Reader

“Plan a get-together or an event with a deadline. Hold a garage sale and set a date. Then there’s no turning back, because you have to get organized for the sale.”
—Christine Kelly, Naples, Florida

“I get dressed, right down to my shoes, first thing in the morning, then I do the first thing on my list to build momentum. And before all of this, I pray to God for help.”
—Tammy Miller, Emerald Isle, North Carolina

“If I’m really struggling, I visit (or use the iOS app), and I go through questions to help me figure out why I can’t get started.”
—Emma Bennett, Wirral, United Kingdom

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“I work with someone else rather than working alone. Having an assistant or a friend in the room keeps me on track.”
—An ADDitude Reader

“I use a wrist tape to keep me focused and to remind me to resist starting a project in another room.”
—An ADDitude Reader

“I remind myself of a quotation from Janet Dailey: ‘Someday is not a day of the week.'”
—Vickey A., Middletown, Connecticut

“I keep lists everywhere — poster-size, small, and digital. They all help.”
—Melanie, Utah

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