Attention, Girls!

A Guide to Learn All About Your Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

by Patricia O. Quinn, M.D.
Magination Press; $12.95; ages 8-13
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For an elementary- or middle-school girl, learning that she has attention deficit disorder (ADHD) is a scary thing. Isn’t that what the troublemaker boys have? Luckily, Attention, Girls! is here to clear things up.

In my favorite chapter, “How Does ADHD Make Me Act?,” we
meet 11 girls with different symptoms, all of whom have ADHD. Reading about other girls who are fidgety, shy, or grumpy helps girls to see that not everyone with ADHD is hyper and distracted. It’s much easier to relate to these girls than to a list of common ADHD symptoms.

Parents, read this with your daughters. Girls, share it with your friends. Teachers, grandparents — anyone who knows a girl with ADHD – pick up a copy of this wonderful book!