ADHD in College

Assessing a School? Questions to Ask

Consider these questions in your search for the ideal school.

Questions Signpost with Clipping Path

Whether or not you opt to disclose your ADHD or LD status, use the following questions to determine whether a school is a good match for you:

  • How many students attending this college currently receive academic services?
  • What are the majors of students with learning disabilities or ADHD?
  • What types of accommodations are provided to students with learning disabilities or ADHD?
  • Will this college require documentation of learning disabilities?
  • Is the confidentiality of each applicant’s records guaranteed?
  • Does this college hire specially trained staff who understand the academic needs of students with ADHD or learning disabilities?
  • What is the total tuition fee? Does this college charge additional fees for learning disabilities-related accommodative services?