Asked: Getting Homework Done

Have after-school assignments turned your home into a battleground? Parents share their strategies for a peaceful resolution.

ADHD Parents: Getting Homework Done
ADHD Parents: Getting Homework Done

ADDitude asked: What’s your best tip for getting your child’s homework done?

I calm him down before he starts — whether it is playing with putty or a fidget toy. Oral stimulation takes the edge off, too: blowing bubbles, sucking sour candy or applesauce through a straw, or eating crunchy carrots. -An ADDitude Reader

Because our son cannot handle normal household distractions, like phones ringing or people talking, we take him to our public library every night when he has homework. I play on my computer or read a book while he does his work. He works, and I relax. -Sharon, Illinois

We make homework a chore that he gets paid for. -Anne, Iowa

Giving them constant feedback, so they know they are not alone or lost. -K., Georgia

Hiring a tutor to help our teen organize and complete his work. He respects her, and we are no longer the “bad guys” in the homework battle. -Donna, Connecticut

Have her do it in school. My daughter was too embarrassed to be in a resource class, so she does her homework sitting outside the counselor’s office. -An ADDitude Reader

We monitor his weekly GPA online every Monday morning. If he has a 3.3, he can drive his car. It’s gotten him to care about homework. -Heidi, Wisconsin

We scheduled an empty period in her school day, when she is most focused, to allow her to do her homework. -E., California

My best tip is to have the patience of Jesus. -Tom, Alabama

Showing him the grades for his assignments online. They are posted quickly, and he can see the efforts of his hard work — or what happens when he doesn’t turn work in. -An ADDitude Reader

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