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An Adorable ADHD Moment

The big bunch of bad memories makes today’s story extra precious.

Natalie just started therapy with a new psychologist, Dr. Warren Phillips. One of the things that we talked about at her first session was how, when she wants something, she wants it DESPERATELY, and she wants it NOW. I’ve written previously about how this wanting plays out with Nat’s ADHD. To recap: Nat’s impulsivity, hyperfocus, and her inability to regulate her emotions combine to create situations that — well, let’s just say they ain’t pretty.

The big bunch of bad memories I’ve collected regarding Natalie’s wants makes today’s story extra precious. Natalie was adorable. She made me laugh.

Lately, Natalie’s been focused on wanting a cell phone. The child is 9. She is NOT getting a cell phone. She brought up this burning desire during our appointment with Dr. Phillips. He agreed with me (thank you!) that most 9-year-olds don’t need cell phones. His own son, he said, didn’t get a cell phone until he was 14.

That night, as I was tucking Natalie into bed, she had a question. Could she ask Mrs. Claus for a cell phone?

Yes, she could ask, I replied. But why did she want to ask Mrs. Claus? Why not Santa?

Because Mrs. Claus is really the boss, she said.

I may not have taught her that money and things don’t buy happiness, and she’ll probably keep having fits about wanting stuff. But she knows that women rule the world! Maybe I’m doing something right, as her mother, after all!