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Alzheimer’s and ADHD: Is There a Link?

“I’ve heard that people with ADHD have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Is this true and, if so, are there any natural therapies that will help me protect my ADHD brain from dementia?”

The link between ADHD and Alzheimer’s is based on only one study that has structural flaws. Another study did not show any link between ADHD and Alzheimer’s. I think it is premature to assume that people with ADHD have an increased risk of dementia, without more research.

I am not an expert on the prevention or treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, but to reduce one’s chances of developing the condition, I would recommend a healthy eating plan (lots of whole foods, fruits, and vegetables, and staying away from processed foods), a balanced lifestyle (minimizing stress at the job and in your home life as much as possible), adequate exercise, and keeping the brain active and challenged.