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Total Recall: Great Gadgets to Jog Your Memory

These high-tech tools will help you remember more, forget less, and stay on top of life.

Tired of forgetting? You’re not alone. Working memory deficits are common in people with ADHD, and they lead to lost keys, abandoned resolutions, and hours of wasted time. Whether you lose objects or motivation, get your memory mojo back with these devices.

Wemo Insight Smart Plug

> $49.99;

Getting halfway to work and realizing you forgot to turn off the TV can be frustrating. It’s also annoying to suddenly remember that you have wet laundry in the machine — three days after you put it in. Solve these common ADHD problems (and lots more) with the Wemo Insight Smart Plug. It’s a smart outlet that — combined with an easy-to-use smartphone app — turns off appliances, sets up reminders, and monitors your home’s electricity use. If you spend time at work obsessing over whether you left the AC on, this gadget will save you time, money, and stress.


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> $25-30; 

There are a lot of options among Bluetooth tracking devices, but few hold a candle to Tile, one of the most effective tools for finding lost objects. If you tend to misplace your keys — or your wallet or your meds — just attach a Tile to them. When the item goes missing, pull out your phone; you’ll be able to see the lost object on a map or activate an alarm to help you track it down underneath the couch. Tile comes in different sizes (including the new Tile Slim, which is as thin as two credit cards) to help you find whatever you’re looking for.

If you’re thinking “But what happens if I lose my phone?” don’t worry: Tile works backward, allowing you to use your purse (or your umbrella or glasses) to find your phone. Just press one of your Tiles and your phone will beep.


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  1. I love wemo, it’s how I eliminate variables in my morning and
    Night. Lights turn on lights turn off

    I used a wemo to add a full spectrum light on it to help me wake up. I have a 10 ,000 lux light that turns on at like 6/7 to wake me up in the morning to soften me up a bit before my alarm jars me awake. It’s a lot more pleasant for sure when paired with an alarm like sleeep cycle.

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