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All Things Frugal in Treating Adult ADHD

“Any tips for those on a budget? I don’t have health insurance and stimulant medications for adult ADHD are expensive. I can’t eat out just because I’m ‘too frazzled to cook’ — and I definitely can’t afford to hire a coach!”

Paying for services to help you with your adult attention deficit disorder can be expensive, indeed. In terms of treatment, there are many programs that can connect you with free or low-cost meds.

The discount often varies by program, type of medication, and the state where you live. Start your search at the SelectCare Benefits Network ( or the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (

Instead of hiring a coach or a professional organizer, seek help from family and friends. Try bartering services. Maybe you’re a good baker, and you can make an organized friend a batch of brownies while she sorts through and files a pile of your papers.

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Going out to eat when you are too frazzled to cook isn’t the only option, either. The next night you can’t face the stove, have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a side of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and a glass of low-fat milk for an easy and nutritious meal.

Get some free, real-life advice (and support, which is invaluable) by connecting with other people who have ADHD. You can search for a CHADD chapter near you for an in-person support group.