Adult-to-Adult: ADDitude Asked…

From carabiners to Sharpies and baskets to timers, ADDitude readers share their clever, easy, and practical ways of staying organized with adult ADHD.

Wall covered in colorful Post-It reminders for an adult with ADHD
Wall covered in colorful Post-It reminders for an adult with ADHD

ADDitude asked adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD): What’s your best strategy for keeping yourself organized?

I use carabiners to clip my keys to my purse or a belt loop, so that I always know where to find them. I also started a support group for women with ADHD, so I wouldn’t feel so alone. The emotional bond boosts my confidence, which helps me stay on track. -Christine, California

I bought a cheap (extra) cell phone for backup when I lose my main cell phone. And I will. -An ADDitude Reader

I recommend sticky notes and Sharpies. I have pads of them in my kitchen, den, by all the telephones and computers in the house, in the car, and next to my bed. I write things down wherever and whenever they come to me! -Tiffanie, California

I put things in baskets. I label them and throw bills, coupons, and receipts in the appropriate one. If I want to return a sweater I bought, I can find the receipt. -Emily, New York

I write important things down on brightly colored paper! It’s easier to find an orange or green to-do list if (and, inevitably, when) I misplace it. Many times I tape my list to my front door as another reminder. -Amy, Montana

The things that work, when I remember them, are timers,
inspiring spiritual quotes, keeping all to-do’s in one small notebook, or asking my husband for help.
-Cassie, Connecticut

I set a reminder on my phone every day to take my meds. I use the most annoyingly fun ringtone I can find, so it’s sure to catch my attention. -Heather, Arizona

I write myself a note and stick it in my pocket. When I reach for something in my pocket, I see what I need to do. -Amanda, Georgia

I enlist friends to make sure that I put things in my calendar. If they don’t see me write it down, they insist that I do — or it won’t get done. -Lisa, North Carolina

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