ADHD In Children

Adult Math Education

“I’m a 33 year-old divorced father of 4 children. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. I’m currently taking Ritalin twice daily. The problem is right from childhood I could never understand math. My math level is about grade 2 and my other subjects are grade 12. I’m in a L.B.S. course in college (learning basic skills) I just wanted to know how to overcome this problem.”

Contact the special services coordinator — sometimes called Office for Disabilities — at your university. These services are offered throughout Canada and the United States on a university or college campus.

These are trained professionals who understand and work with learning disabilities. They can guide you to a variety of support services, tutoring, further testing and even set up someone to teach you some different math strategies based on your strengths.

Never give up; you are a model for your four children.

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