Surprising ADHD Truths: 31 Facts & Quotes

Get the facts: One for each day of the ADHD Awareness Month.

There is no correlation between IQ and ADHD

ADHD is complex and unique

Understanding the power of hyperfocus

ADHD is not a new condition

Willpower is not a cure for ADHD

Positive traits of ADHD

Celebrities with ADHD

Positive aspects of the ADHD brain

Creativity and ADHD

Daydreaming and ADHD

How fidgeting helps focus

Personality traits of individuals with ADHD

Staying positive with ADHD

Sound therapy for the ADHD brain

Dream jobs for individuals with ADHD

A young adult on how his ADHD brain is special

Diagnosis and treatment information for ADHD

ADHD learning styles

Ditching ADHD shame

The benefits of martial arts for adults with ADHD

Unraveling secrets of the ADHD brain

Rules adults with ADHD should live by

Mothers with ADHD raising kids with ADHD

ADHD medication and behavior therapy

Using relaxation to manage ADHD symptoms

The power of praise in ADHD parenting

Raising children with ADHD: How one family made it

How hyperfocus helps in an emergency

The seven types of ADHD

Michael Phelps and ADHD

Recognizing the gifts of an ADHD brain