Exercise & Green Time

How should I integrate exercise and mindfulness into my ADHD treatment plan?

How should you treat adult ADHD? In this 8-part guide, you’ll find expert answers to the questions that will help you make key decisions about ADHD treatment.

EXERCISE: What types of exercise will improve my ADHD symptoms, according to research?

A: Aerobic exercise creates new pathways in your brain and floods it with the chemicals that help you pay attention… | Keep reading on WebMD »

BRAIN ACTIVITY: How can I understand the neurological effects of exercise on my ADHD brain?

A: Everyone agrees that exercise boosts levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. One of the intracellular effects of these neurotransmitters is to improve the prefrontal cortex’s signal-to-noise ratio… | Keep reading on ADDitude »

MINDFULNESS: Can mindfulness meditation or yoga improve my ADHD symptoms?

A: When a muscle is weak, you can make it stronger with exercise. In the same way, mindfulness strengthens your brain’s ability to… | Keep reading on WebMD »

MEDITATION: How can I start practicing mindfulness when I have ADHD?

A: Introduce mindfulness to your day by taking few minutes to recognize what the mind and body are experiencing. This can be done in meditation practice or briefly in the course of your daily activities… | Keep reading on ADDitude »

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE: What lifestyle approaches can help me manage ADHD symptoms?

A: ADHD doesn’t only affect attention; it impacts the whole self. Integrative medicine is a treatment approach that addresses symptoms and promotes general health and wellness… | Keep reading on ADDitude »

FIRST-PERSON: “It’s OK to Be Not OK, According to Mindfulness”

“With my swirl of anxiety and ADHD, I find myself often confused, nervous, down, and insecure. Mindfulness teaches me to expand my observation and accept this reality, simply because it is my reality.” | Keep reading on ADDitude »


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8-Part Guide to ADHD Treatment in Adults, from WebMD x ADDitude:

DECISION 1: How should I approach my ADHD treatment plan?
DECISION 2: Should I treat my ADHD symptoms with medication?
DECISION 3: How can I address the side effects associated with ADHD medication use?
DECISION 4: How should I integrate nutrition into my ADHD treatment plan?
> DECISION 5: How should I integrate exercise & mindfulness into my ADHD treatment plan?
DECISION 6: What therapies should I integrate into my ADHD treatment plan?
DECISION 7: How and when should I adjust my ADHD treatment plan for optimal benefit?
DECISION 8: How should I adjust my ADHD treatment plan if I have comorbid conditions?