Could ADHD Medication Help My Child?

Is ADHD medication right for my child?

How should you treat your child’s ADHD? In this 8-part guide, find expert answers to the questions that will help you make key decisions about ADHD treatment.

TITRATION: How long will it take to get the ADHD medication and dosage right?

A: Titration is a big word that means working with your doctor to get your child’s medication just right. The goal is to find the dose (or amount) of medicine that controls… | Keep reading on WebMD »

MED SAFETY: What are the short- and long-term effects of using ADHD medication?

A: Side effects and risks associated with the long-term use of ADHD medication include heart disease, high blood pressure… | Keep reading on WebMD »

MEDS & PERSONALITY: Will ADHD medication turn my child into a “zombie?”

A: Sometimes, parents say their child appears dazed when they start taking a stimulant ADHD med. This “zombie effect” is a kind of hyperfocus that could mean their dose is too high… | Keep reading on WebMD »

EXPLAINING TREATMENT: How should I talk with my child about taking ADHD medication?

A: For a young child, choose simple, familiar language. For example, to describe being unable to sit still, “You have the wiggles”… | Keep reading on WebMD »

UNTREATED ADHD: What are the risks of not using ADHD medication?

A: Untreated ADHD can cause problems throughout life. People with ADHD tend to be impulsive and have short attention spans, which can make it harder to succeed in school… | Keep reading on WebMD »

SUBSTANCE USE: Could stimulant use lead to substance abuse in my child?

A: One of the longest-term studies, which followed 100 boys with ADHD for 10 years, showed no greater risk for substance abuse in boys who took stimulant drugs compared to those who didn’t take… | Keep reading on WebMD »

FIRST-PERSON: “What I Want to Say to My Mom, Who ‘Drugged’ Me”

“Thank you, Mom. Thank you for listening when I told you I was struggling. Because of your decision, I did better in school, I felt more confident, and was able to reach my potential.” | Keep reading on ADDitude »


FREE DOWNLOAD: Understanding ADHD Medications

In this infographic, learn about differences between stimulants and non-stimulants, signs your child’s dosage needs to be adjusted, and more. | Download now on ADDitude »

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8-Part Guide to ADHD Treatment in Children, from WebMD x ADDitude:

DECISION 1: How should I approach my child’s ADHD treatment plan?
> DECISION 2: Is ADHD medication right for my child?
DECISION 3: How can I address side effects associated with my child’s ADHD medication?
DECISION 4: How can I integrate nutrition & supplements into my child’s ADHD treatment?
DECISION 5: How can I integrate exercise & mindfulness into my child’s ADHD treatment?
DECISION 6: What therapies should I integrate into my child’s ADHD treatment plan?
DECISION 7: How should I adjust and optimize my child’s ADHD treatment plan over time?
DECISION 8: How can my child’s treatment plan safely address comorbid conditions?