How Should I Treat My Child's ADHD?

How should I approach my child’s ADHD treatment plan?

How should you treat your child’s ADHD? In this 8-part guide, find expert answers to the questions that will help you make key decisions about ADHD treatment.

OPTIONS: What ADHD treatment options should I consider for my child?

A: Together with the doctor, you’ll develop a plan that meets your child’s specific needs. It may include medications, behavioral therapy, or both… | Keep reading on WebMD »

MEDICATIONS: What medication classes are used to treat ADHD in children?

A: Your child’s doctor will probably try a low-dose stimulant first. Stimulants have been used for a long time and are well-tested. They’re often helpful for children and teens who… | Keep reading on WebMD »

CHOOSING A MED: How do I find the best ADHD medication for my child with so many options?

A: There’s no set formula for which medication works best for which child. It’s a process of trial and error. One major decision is whether to use a short- or long-lasting pill. Depending on the prescription… | Keep reading on WebMD »

BEYOND MEDS: Can I treat my child’s ADHD without medication?

A: Alternative treatments for ADHD include elimination diets, omega-3 supplements, parent training, exercise, yoga, meditation,… | Keep reading on WebMD »

MED CLASSES: How can I better understand all of the ADHD medication options and their risks and benefits?

A: The medications most widely used to treat ADHD include stimulants, non-stimulants, and antidepressants. Side effects include… | Keep reading on WebMD »

NONSTIMULANTS: What other medication options and classes are used to treat ADHD in children?

A: If you’re thinking about nonstimulant options, your doctor might suggest a drug called a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, or SNRI… | Keep reading on WebMD »

FIRST-PERSON: “The Amazing Day I Saw My Son Medicated”

“I noticed the house was… quieter than usual. Lucas absorbed himself in drawings and books and running around the way he would any other day, but the big difference was the lack of what I call nonsense-noise — those random outbursts of sound that defy categorization.” | Keep reading on ADDitude »


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8-Part Guide to ADHD Treatment in Children, from WebMD x ADDitude:

> DECISION 1: How should I approach my child’s ADHD treatment plan?
DECISION 2: Is ADHD medication right for my child?
DECISION 3: How can I address side effects associated with my child’s ADHD medication?
DECISION 4: How can I integrate nutrition & supplements into my child’s ADHD treatment?
DECISION 5: How can I integrate exercise & mindfulness into my child’s ADHD treatment?
DECISION 6: What therapies should I integrate into my child’s ADHD treatment plan?
DECISION 7: How should I adjust and optimize my child’s ADHD treatment plan over time?
DECISION 8: How can my child’s treatment plan safely address comorbid conditions?