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Natalie reached a major milestone last week. She was discharged from occupational therapy!

Cutout paper men standing holding hands.

Natalie and I arrived at ChildServe for our weekly appointment with Nat’s occupational therapist, Summer Barber.

“It’s time for a quarterly review,” Summer said. Nat played on the bolster swing while Summer and I talked.

Nat’s handwriting has improved dramatically. Her core strength, motor planning, and coordination have too. We’ve worked on Nat’s Sensory Processing Disorder. We talked about how well Natalie did in social skills group.

“She learns very well. She just needs some repetition,” Summer said.

Summer remembered quite clearly what had brought us to her in the first place.

Nat came home from kindergarten one day, in tears. “Why am I the only one who drools? Why am I the only one who puts things in my mouth? Why am I the only one who rocks? Why am I the only one who scribbles?” Nat’s perfectly articulated frustration with what she recognized as differences sent me scurrying to find help.

“Natalie’s school says that speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy can’t help,” I told Nat’s pediatrician, Dr. Halbur. Nat had worked with all three through the Area Education Agency while in preschool.

“Oh yes they can,” Dr. Halbur said, and she sent us to Summer.

Three years later, I can say, with confidence, and unending appreciation, Summer most certainly did help — and not just Natalie. She’s been a vital source of information and support for me these past three years, too. She’s caring, knowledgeable, and a true professional.

Thanks for everything, Summer. We’ll miss you!

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