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Inside the Mind of a Boy with ADHD

11-year-old Rice has ADHD. He loses things. And struggles to maintain focus. And feels left out on the playground. And talks honestly and openly about these challenges in a video we think every parent, child, and teacher should watch.

“My teacher said I bother the other kids too much.”

“I don’t know why, but sometimes the other kids don’t want to play with me.”

“Sometimes I feel sad and left out, or like the whole world is against me.”

These are the heart-breaking, brutally honest words of 11-year-old Rice, who lives with ADHD, a speech delay, and a processing disorder. He also scores in the 97th percentile for intelligence, loves discussing astronomy, and struggles to pay attention “every hour of every day of every week.”

“He filmed and edited the entire video (below) himself,” says Rice’s mother, Jacinda. “And I couldn’t be more proud of his bravery in publicly talking about such an intimate subject.”

Why did Rice choose to share this intimate glimpse into his daily life with ADHD? Awareness, he says: “You and I can keep talking about ADHD more and more and more, so that people can understand it more and more and more.”