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Enter to win one of three copies of “My Wandering Dreaming Mind” — a refreshingly positive illustrated book for children with ADHD — by answering this question below: What is on your child’s (or your) summer reading list?

“She’s Just Like Me!”

All children need role models who look like them. For kids with ADHD, those heroes and heroines take on extra importance. They show our kids that success is within reach, that persistence pays off, and that ADHD or ADD is not a character flaw or a disability. Summer is an excellent time to introduce these role models to our children in books enjoyed on a picnic blanket, a lap, or a swing.

My Wandering Dreaming Mind

Sadie feels like her thoughts are soaring into the clouds and she can’t bring them back down to earth. She has trouble paying attention, which makes keeping track of schoolwork, friends, chores, and everything else really tough. Sometimes she can only focus on her mistakes. When Sadie talks to her parents about her wandering, dreaming mind, they offer a clever plan to help remind Sadie how amazing she is. Included in this illustrated children’s book by ADDitude blogger Merriam Sarcia Saunders, LMFT is a Note to Parents and Caregivers with more information on ADHD, self-esteem, and helping children focus on the positives.

Enter to Win My Wandering Dreaming Mind

To win one of three copies of My Wandering Dreaming Mind (a $16.99 value each), use the Comments section below to tell us: What books are on your child’s (or your) reading list this summer?


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  1. This book looks amazing! My daughter doesn’t have a diagnosis yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. Our summer reading will include finishing the 6 half read books on her shelf right now! She avoids reading at times but likes magical things. So we’re trying things in the branches series by scholastic. And usbourn books has a Branches-type reader for kids at her level too. We will start with “the magic mirror.” And “unicorn diaries”.

  2. My 10-year-old son had to read the book, “Hatchet”, for class. He wasn’t able to focus as well due to his ADHD, the Quarantine and Coronavirus anxiety. I had to help him re-read the chapters during quiz time. I plan to read it over again WITH him instead of having him read it on his own. We did this for the next assigned book, “Wonder”, and it worked extremely well. We took turns reading the chapters but he enjoyed listening to me read it aloud so I did most of the reading. He did remarkably better on the quizzes. He enjoys re-reading the “Dog Man” series. He does have several books but he sticks to his favorites. We don’t have any ADHD-focused books so “My Wandering Dreaming Mind would be a great addition to his library.

  3. My daughter is 6 and she has Anxiety, SPD, ADHD, and PLMD. She is just now learning to read and she loves Dr. Seuss books. She also loves anything about horses, mermaids, princesses and unicorns. I try to expose her to books about children who are unconventional like …Suelwe and Spaghetti on a Hot Dog Bun, as well as growth mindset books like The Nuff and I Am Me.

  4. Our library remains closed, thus Caden and I are enjoying reading all his National Geographic magazines that are piling up this year. This book would be great for him, as he’s at the age he’s trying to deny the fact he has ADHD. This book could help him realize it’s not such a stigma, etc.

  5. I’m a Behavior Interventionist in an elementary school and work with many children who have ADHD. I love my job! I’m planning to do a book study of The Connected Classroom by Bill Adair this summer. Feeling safe and having strong relationships with my students helps them cope with their anxiety, depression and ADHD. My Wandering, Dreaming Mind looks like a fantastic book for students!

  6. My son loves the DogMan books. He wants to read them all. He also likes CaveBoy Dave. I think he likes these because he can read them in quick bursts and still understand what is going on. I like them because they keep him reading and he uses them over and over again, unlike other books that just sit on the book shelves. As a family we are working our way through the original BoxCar children series. He likes the adventure stories and it’s a good chance to test his comprehension when we review what has happened each night when we read.

  7. I received a diagnosis at age 40 and I see some traits in my 8 year old. I would love to do read alouds or listen to audiobooks with my child that touches on diversity in ability. We only have access to books offered online via the public library, but I would like to read the “A Boy Called Bat” series. I always look for books that I can share with my child and use as speech therapist after finishing grad school.

  8. My 14 year old daughter is reading the fourth Harry Potter book, and we are reading Lois Duncan’s books aloud, beginning with “Down a Dark Hall.”

  9. I would love to win this for my 5 year old daughter! She hasn’t been diagnosed yet, but I highly suspect she has ADHD. My 6 year old son is diagnosed and I was diagnosed as an adult, so the chances are pretty solid. On our summer reading list are more from the Geronimo Stilton series, non-fiction books about animals and “Arthur” books. Thankfully all of my kids love to read, so this is a great way to reach them!

  10. My son would really love to win this book! It’s great to have a character you can relate to in a story. He’s currently reading Attack Of The Not-So-Virtual Monsters by Kim Harrington and Planet Earth Is Blue by Nicole Panteleakos. Fingers crossed we’re lucky enough to get this great work of art!

  11. We are going to do an author study on Lynda Mullaly Hunt. We will be reading:

    “Fish in a Tree,” “One for the Murphys,” and “Shouting at the Rain.”

  12. My daughter is reading the Geronimo Stilton series. The books are illustrated to create engagement drawing attention. We are also reading together the Heartland Series. I love engaging with my kids in reading. Having books that help kids understand their brains. We can and will… This is phenomenal. 🙂

  13. Summer reading :
    A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids
    I will surprise my friend
    Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus
    My brain need glasses
    Hi It’s me I have ADHD


  14. Currently on my bedside table :
    American Masters 1940 – 1980 .. a catalog of an art exhibition
    Introducing Jung, Maggie Hyde and Michael McGuiness
    Deer Hunting with Jesus, Joe Bageant
    IKEA design and Identity, Eva Atle Bjarnestam

    and a stack of magazines

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