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Q: I Can’t Tell My Parents I Have ADHD

When you think you have ADHD, it can be difficult to talk about the support you need from loved ones.

Q: “I don’t have the courage to say to my parents, ‘I think I have ADHD.’ If I could diagnose myself, I would.” — Person

Dear Person:

I want to applaud you for reaching out and asking for help. Even as an adult, it’s never easy to identify the right course of action or the most appropriate steps to take when you think you have attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD). I would think it is even harder for a child. I’m sure you are feeling lonely and confused.

Since I don’t know why you are reluctant to tell your parents and I don’t know your specific situation at home, I am only going to offer you advice as a parent. I know that I would want my children to tell me if they were struggling at home or at school so that I could get them the help and ADHD support they needed. Perhaps showing your parents the diagnosis sheet you found online and discussing your answers with them might help to break the ice.

If telling your parents is not an option, is there another family member, a counselor, or a teacher at school with whom you could talk? Scheduling a meeting at school, with your parents present, might provide you with the necessary ADHD support and confidence to discuss your concerns.

Good Luck!

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