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Q: What Summer Camps Work Best for Boys with ADHD?

Your son would be perfectly happy crawling into a dark room and playing Fortnite or Roblox for the better part of July and August. But you know that summer vacation is the best time to encourage healthy activities, build social skills, and take new risks. The trick, it turns out, is choosing the summer camp or program that best aligns with your child’s personality, interests, and developmental timeline. Here is some guidance.

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Q: “What kinds of summer camps work best for boys with ADHD?”

A: “I do not like seeing kids with ADHD go to one-week camps. If you have social learning challenges — difficulty making friends and connecting with other kids — it takes you a week just to get used to the camp program and routine, and then you are done. One-week camps are usually not the best choice for the guys I work with, but I’ll tell you what I do like…”

Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW is the facilitator of the ADHD Dude Facebook Group and YouTube channel. Ryan specializes in working with males (ages 5-22) who present with ADHD, anxiety with ADHD, and learning differences; he is the one professional in the United States who specializes in teaching social cognitive skills to boys from a male perspective.

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